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The Captain's Club

UAE's Biggest Boat Club, with over a 100 boats in 8 marinas in 3 cities in the United Arab Emirates


A Smarter Way for Boating

The Captain's Club is the alternative solution to boat ownership, where your annual membership grants you Access to operate & captain a fleet of Boats & Mini Yachts on your own with your family & friends.

Get Rid of All The Hassles

Boat Cost

Maintenance Cost

Parking Cost

Handling Cost

Registration Cost


Towing & Cleaning

& Enjoy Many Benefits

3 Cities

7 Marinas

100+ Boats

24/7 Availability

100% Boating with Relief


We are in 7 Marinas

Your membership gives you access to all the marinas in the city you choose to boat in, in addition to complimentary access from another city. If you want regular access from 2 cities, you can simply add an extra city to your membership to enjoy unlimited access to all the marinas in 2 cities.

  • Emirates Palace Marina

    Emirates Palace Marina

    Abu Dhabi

  • Yas Marina

    Yas Marina

    Abu Dhabi

  • Al Qana Marina

    Al Qana Marina

    Abu Dhabi

  • Dubai Harbour

    Dubai Harbour


  • BVLGARI Marina

    BVLGARI Marina


  • Palm Jumeirah

    Palm Jumeirah


  • Jumeirah Harbour

    Jumeirah Harbour


  • Al Hamra Marina

    Al Hamra Marina

    Ras Al Khaimah


1. Join

Pick the membership that suits you the most and choose one of our many flexible payment plans.


2. License

Do you have a boat driving license?

You will need to take a 2 days course (fees excluded), then The Captain's Club will apply for a local license on your behalf.

GREAT! You are one step closer to boating.

Just upload your local license to your personal dashboard and that's it.

Our licensing consultant will need a copy to check if it can be converted with the local authorities.

You can upload a copy to your personal dashboard and we will take care of it.


3. Orientation

Our certified and qualified trainers will provide 2 - 4 practical orientation sessions to give you experience and confidence to start boating.


4. Enjoy

Get access to your booking system via the web or our android and iOS apps.

Use your rolling bookings and enjoy boating!


Rolling Bookings

Depending on the membership you choose, a certain amount of Rolling bookings would be provided, ideally 2 per member. You will be given the ability to book freely using 2 future rolling bookings.

Let's try rolling booking in this mini booking tool we have created:

  • You have 2 rolling bookings already booked.
  • Try to book one more.
  • Click "Go Boating" on the first session.
  • Try to book one more time.
Week 1
Sunday 25th September, 2022
Monday 26th September, 2022
Tuesday 27th September, 2022
Wednesday 28th September, 2022
Thursday 29th September, 2022
Friday 30th September, 2022
Saturday 1st October, 2022
Week 2
Sunday 2nd October, 2022
Monday 3rd October, 2022
Tuesday 4th October, 2022
Wednesday 5th October, 2022
Thursday 6th October, 2022
Friday 7th October, 2022
Saturday 8th October, 2022

Booking Timings

07:00 am
12:30 pm
01:30 pm
07:00 pm
07:30 pm
11:30 pm

Alert Me

Get alerted in real time whenever a specific boat or time slot is available for booking.

Early Departure

(Morning Session Only) You can receive the boat as early as 3:00 am to enjoy a fishing trip or any other activity.

Late Arrival

(Afternoon Session Only) You don’t have to come at 7:00 pm, you can extend your afternoon trip till 9:00 pm.

Overnight Camping

Hop on an island with your camping kit and enjoy the sunrise with the boat next to you.

General Access Limitations

Marina Access

Access to all marinas in the main city chosen.

Fleet Access

Access to all types of boats in the city chosen

Booking Limitation

  • Maximum 1 booking per day morning afternoon or night.
  • Weekend access: one weekend day Friday or Saturday
  • 8 Bookings per month
  • Pearl and Gold members can use 2 rolling bookings for weekdays & weekends and the 3rd rolling booking can be used for weekdays twice a month.



Owning a boat can be a very expensive hobby, boats are expensive, in addition to maintenance, parking, registration, insurance and depreciation, the costs add up. Save 90% of owning a boat by joining The Captain's Club.

Guaranteed Availability or 100% Cash Back

Guaranteed Weekend Availability or 100% cash back. It’s in our policy to always have much more boats than what is required to assure the availability. Boat Clubs maybe new to the Middle East, but have been tested for decades in other parts of the world. The only boat club in the world that offers that guarantee.

60 Days of Freezing

Freeze your membership when you are abroad or busy.

Refund Policy

If you decide to cancel for any reason.

You are The Captain

Enjoy privacy with your family & friends.

Referral Advantage

Refer a friend = Membership Extension.


Unlimited number of training sessions to get you ready for boating.

In-house Captain

Don't feel like driving? Hire a captain to use the boats for 3 times free with your membership. (additional captain: 250 AED per session).

Night Cruise

A free captain from our staff will drive the boat on your behalf unlimited times along the year at night if requested. (not deducted part of the in-house captains).

Wakeboarding / Wakesurfing

A free captain along with the wake surfing equipment will be prepared for your trip on a professional wake surfing boat.

Inflatable Equipment

Enjoy unlimited usage of inflatable equipment for free. (subject to availability)

Complimentary Trips

Free trips will be given to you from the other city to use our fleet there along with one of our inhouse captain. (Not deducted from inhouse captains).

Overnight Camping

Ignite your inner adventurer and setup camp on one of the many islands surrounding us.


Enjoy free ice ready on the boat at any of your trips.

Marina Stay-Ins

Enjoy a night stay in one of our marinas with your guests. (not a rolling booking).

Drop Off

You can book a boat to drop you off on one of the islands and pick you and your guests up and back to the marina once you're done. (not a rolling booking)


For AED 150 /- per session, rent a BBQ Set and enjoy a BBQ Session without the hassle of carrying BBQ equipment or cleaning.

100% Automated

No hassle, no waiting times, our system is 100% automated and trained to make you happy.
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