Boat Club in Abu Dhabi

The Captains Club was the first boat club in Abu Dhabi, established in 2016. Now it is the biggest, the most trusted and also the best rated boat club in Abu Dhabi with more than 100 boats and yachts located in two marinas across the city.

Boat Club Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace Marina

As the name indicates, the Emirates Palace Marina is the marina of the worldwide known and famous Emirates Palace Hotel. It''s a private, a non-public marina but with your membership card from the Captains Club you get access to this wonderful place to start your private boat trip with your friends or family.

Here, at the Emirates Palace Marina you will find 35 boats and yachts for fishing, wakeboarding or just for cruising alongside the many islands of Abu Dhabi. As an additional service and upon prior request you will get (water) donuts, ice for your drinks or food and complete BBQ sets. And if you are not in the mood for self-driving, you can request for a captain, three times of your yearly membership.

The Yas Marina

The Yas Marina is located on Yas Island beside the well-known Formular One racing track. It''s a public marina, so you will find many restaurants and bars inside the marina which you can visit after your boat trip. And the best of it: With the Captains Club membership card you will get 20% discount in the Restaurant Stars ''N'' Bars, where you can have food or drinks daily from 12.00pm.

22 boats and yachts are located at the Captains Club in the Yas Marina. Ranging from fishing boats, to wakeboard boats to mini yachts. Of course you can request the same addons (donuts, ice, BBQ sets) for your trip as in the Emirates Palace Marina for free.

Boating in Abu Dhabi

There are a variety of Islands more than 50 that you can discover in Abu Dhabi other than any emirate that you could visit. Boating, fishing, and all other water activities are mostly known to experience it here. We live in a country where it is mostly summertime in the entire year. That''s why residents like to spend most of their time in water. You will be flexible to explore boating at all times: Morning, afternoon, night and overnight too.

Cruising around the capitals most beautiful sights such as Yas Marina, Emirates Palace Marina, Al Bandar, Al Bateen, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr and much more to discover. Water sports activities are the real thing to do. Wakeboarding, playing with Tubes, Bananas and Donuts experiencing the water adrenaline to another level.

For the people who like to overnight camp, you can camp on any island that are suitable where you can do camping, enjoy a BBQ and other activities as well. Along the year, residents like to go fishing since it is an old time favorite activity and you’ll find the best spots in Abu Dhabi. There are several fishing spots such as Al Bateen Beach, Al Rahba, Hameem Beach ,Al Aryam and Eastern Mangroves.

Activities in Abu Dhabi

Boat Club Abu Dhabi

Water Sports

Abu Dhabi City has many islands and wave breakers around it, allowing the water to be still in many of its sea areas, and makes it magnificent to wakeboard in its wide open areas.

Boat Club Abu Dhabi

Water Sports Activities

Extreme fun for the whole family, adrenaline rushing through your veins while being pulled rapidly through the waves created by the wake-boarding boats.

Boat Club Abu Dhabi


Explore the depth of the Arabian Gulf where there are more than 60 fish species and watch the magnificent coral reefs and sea life.

Boat Club Abu Dhabi


Fishing in the UAE gulf is a very entertaining activity, specially that the Arabian Gulf hosts several delicious types of fish, shellfish and squids.