Jumeirah Harbour

The perfect start for an enthusiast's fishing, Jumeirah Harbour is the marina you want to start from. Gain access to the open sea and great fishing spots, or enjoy a cruise along the coastline.

Our Members Recommend This Marina For


For fishing enthusiasts, Jumeirah harbour is one of the best destinations that celebrates rich fishing.

Water Sports

The marina is set to a location of wind towers, which makes it feasible for water sports.


Enjoy a breathtaking cruise looking over Dubai's skyline and corniche, bring your loved ones and friends aboard and you'll never fail to impress.

Some Features of the Marina

Fisherman Facilities

You can find warehouses for fishermen to keep their fishing equipment at. It also has a boat repair warehouse and a fish market.

Tourist Area

A variety of shops and restaurants are available at the marina for some shopping, lunch or dinner.


A place for fishermen to sit together and have some quality time.
Jumeirah Harbour

Some of the Boats You Can Find in Jumeirah Harbour