The Captain's Club Guarantee

The only club in the world that guarantees you a great time


Guaranteed Availability or 100% Cashback.

Although all boat clubs around the world operate on a first come first serve basis, The Captain’s Club made it a contractual Obligation to provide all of our esteemed members Guaranteed Weekend Availability or 100% cash back. It’s in our policy to always have much more boats than what is required to assure the availability. Boat Clubs maybe new to the Middle East, but have been tested for decades in other parts of the world. It’s been proven that boat clubs have been able to accommodate up to 78% of all boat reservation requests, we figured why not push it to a 100%.


Too Good to Be True

We are only able to provide you our guarantee because we have been fine-tuning our algorithm to ensure that we are providing you the ultimate boating experience.

If our guarantee is hard to believe, that is because it's hard to achieve, but feel free to use the provided tool that pulls data directly from our booking engine to show you that we did it.

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Book Ahead of Time

What is a Rolling Booking?

Depending on the membership you choose, a certain amount of Rolling bookings would be provided, ideally 2 per member. You will be given the ability to book freely using 2 future rolling bookings.

Let's try rolling booking in this mini booking tool we have created:

  • You have 3 rolling bookings already booked.
  • Try to book one more.
  • Click "Go Boating" on the first session.
  • Try to book one more time.
Week 1
Sunday 26th November, 2023
Monday 27th November, 2023
Tuesday 28th November, 2023
Wednesday 29th November, 2023
Thursday 30th November, 2023
Friday 1st December, 2023
Saturday 2nd December, 2023
Week 2
Sunday 3rd December, 2023
Monday 4th December, 2023
Tuesday 5th December, 2023
Wednesday 6th December, 2023
Thursday 7th December, 2023
Friday 8th December, 2023
Saturday 9th December, 2023