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The Captain’s Club is UAE’s Biggest Boat Club providing a solution and an alternative to boat ownership, where your membership grants you a daily-unlimited access to our fleet of Yachts & Boats located in various marinas in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

After 2 days of training you can operate the boats daily on your own with your family & friends in full privacy with a 100% Relief from all the headaches and expenses such:

  • Boat Cost
  • Boat Parking Cost
  • Boat Maintenance Cost, etc...

Simply Join the club, book the boat you want, and leave the rest to us.

Joining a Boat Club is Simple

Guaranteed Availability on Weekends or 100% Cash Back

* Contractual Obligation
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Emirates Palace Marina

Emirates Palace Marina

Yas Marina

Yas Marina

Jumeira Harbour

Dubai Marina

Jumeira Harbour

Jumeira Harbour

What Our Members Say About Us

"Amazing experience with The Captains Club is giving us to enjoy plenty of boats, spend fantastic weekends with the family and friends! We are love it and highly recommend it!!!
- Tatiana Vasilyeva
"We absolutely love being part of The Captains Club, so glad we signed up! It is so easy to book any of the amazing boats available & the staff are so welcoming & helpful it makes the whole experience so enjoyable! Going out on one of The Captains Club boats is the best way to spend a weekend! Our daughter absolutely loves it!
- Katherine Marshall
"Excellent Service ! so glad that im part of the captains club!!
- Ahmed Al Jboor
"I've been with this fantastic club for almost a year and would highly recommend it to anyone!
- Benjamin SB

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