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First-rate Boats for Sale in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE

Set sail into the crystal blue waters of The Gulf, have a spontaneous fishing trip, or simply enjoy a romantic dinner at sea with your loved one. These are just some of the leisurely activities you can freely do in Dubai or Abu Dhabi when you have your own boat.

The Captain’s Club, the biggest boat club in the capital city, brings you the rare chance to buy a boat to commandeer and captain at an unbelievable price.

Top-notch Used Boats in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

We let you choose from an extensive collection of first-rate boats for sale, which includes cabin cruisers, luxury yachts, speedboats, pontoons, and more. With our wide array of used boats and yachts, you are truly spoilt for choice. You can rest assured that all the used boats you can buy from us are kept clean and well-maintained. Our staff and marine technicians work relentlessly to ensure each used vessel is in optimum condition and is as good as new. Safety checks and regular maintenance are conducted to help guarantee the security of our members at sea.

First-class Boats in Dubai and UAE Brought Within Your Reach

With The Captain’s Club, you don’t need to buy a boat of your choice to enjoy the perks of sailing and assume the role of captain. We offer a wide variety of options at amazing prices, so you are sure to find a sale that fits your preference and budget.

Plus, we will also give you the chance to learn or hone your sailing skills, through professional training given to our members.

Be Your Own Captain Now!