Boat Rental

The Most Recommended Provider of Boat Rental in Abu Dhabi

The Captain’s Club is a renowned boat club in nation’s capital that provides a convenient and practical way to own and use a rental at your leisure.

We understand that buying and maintaining your own boat can sometimes be more of a headache than a source of luxury and relaxation.

With our myriad of boat hire and price options, you can enjoy the leisure of setting sail whenever you want to without the headaches and responsibilities of actually having your personal yacht through our boats for rent.

The Best Rent Boat Choices and Price

The Captain’s Club, the biggest boating club in the capital city, showcases a huge fleet of high-end vessels, including luxury yachts, cabin cruisers, speedboats, pontoons, and fishing boats.

As a member of the club, you get unlimited access to all these first-rate vessels and our fleet locations at Emirates Palace and Yas Marina and to any future marinas.

Whether you want to enjoy a private, quality time with your family, or bring your friends to a weekend fishing trip, we have the right vessel for the activity you want to enjoy.

Plus, regardless of the type of rent boat you prefer, you can be sure to find one for rent from our fleet that is well-maintained, clean, and working optimally, as our staff always strives to check all our vessels and ensure they are ready for use.

Excellent Price Programme for Boat Rental in Abu Dhabi

Our yacht club program offers the most advantageous boat rental price and scheme, as it is equal to only a 10% of the price and expenses of owning a boat.

In addition, the program includes providing professional training to all members so they can be the captain of their own vessel. The training is flexible and can be tailored to both first timers and experienced sailors.

So what are you waiting for? Join our club and start enjoying the exclusive privileges we offer!