The Captain’s Club is a Boat Ownership Alternative to save yourself from all the headaches that comes with boating, you just have to Enjoy…

  1. Join the club

    JOIN The Captain’s Club with the Membership that best Suits you.

    “Take advantage of our Current Flexible Payment Plans”

  2. Get Trained to become The Captain

    A professional training will be provided so you can operate the boats & Mini Yachts on your own. (2-4 flexible sessions depending on your schedule)
    “IF you have never driven a boat before, no worries its very easy”
    “You are The Captain & The Captain is always right”

  3. Book the Boat or Mini Yacht you desire

    Access our online booking System and book any of the boats or mini yachts whenever you want. You are entitled to reserve minimum of 3 Future bookings simultaneously.
    Remember: you are contractually Entitled to a Weekend Guaranteed Availability.
    “Enjoy Daily Unlimited Access & Guaranteed Availability”

  4. Simply… Join & Enjoy

    Just Drive to any of the Marinas in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with your family & friends, and you will find your boat Ready to GO. Remember that while you are Boating.
    “The Crew is always in the marina for assistance”