What is This?

The Captain’s Club is UAE’s biggest Boat club where your Annual Membership Provides Guaranteed Daily Unlimited Access to Operate & Captain a Fleet of Boats, Mini Yachts, & Pantoons on Your OWN with your family & friends ONLY, with a Relief from

  • Boat’s Cost
  • Boat’s Parking Cost
  • Boat’s Maintenance Cos    Etc…

How Does it Work?

  • Get Trained to become The Captain
  • Book the Boat or Min Yacht you desire
  • Unlimited access to The Fleet
  • Operate all the Boats in Full Privacy
  • Simply… Join & Enjoy

Join the World-class Yacht Club in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Enjoying a luxurious boating experience whenever you feel like it is one of the best perks of owning your own yacht.

You can escape with your family and friends into the sea for a spontaneous weekend getaway, or have a convenient place where you can throw a private and elegant birthday bash.

The Captain’s Club is a premier UAE boat club that can give you all these perks and more but without the hassle and liabilities of actually owning and maintaining your own boat.

The Best Boat Clubs in Dubai & UAE

The Captain’s Club, the biggest boat club in UAE, understands the heavy responsibilities that come with buying and owning your own boat or yacht.

In addition to the initial cost of a boat, you also need to take note of expenses of maintenance and repairs, registration, and insurance. Regular cleaning and parking must also be considered, as well as potential expenditures in case of a serious mechanical failure.

The Captain’s Club, also one of the best boat clubs in Dubai and UAE, offers you the opportunity to have your own yacht and use it anytime you want to, but without all these headaches and obligations.

What Our Yacht Club Offers You

We offer individuals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE a convenient and practical way to enjoy boating using any boats and yachts in the fleet via options like boat rental or used boats reservation.

Our varied clientele is offered tremendously guaranteed access and ease when it comes to booking a boat from our huge collection of high-end vessels, which includes first-class luxury yachts, speedboats, cabin cruisers, fishing boats, and pontoons.

In addition, you can rest assured that any vessel you will use is clean, well-maintained, and in good working condition. Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.

You can also rely on our staff to advise you on weather forecasts in Dubai or anywhere in UAE that you plan to sail to and provide you with professional assistance whenever you need it.

Own Your Own Boat Now!

For more information on our membership or services, kindly give us a call and we’ll promptly attend to you.

Known for fostering and maintaining good communication between the club and our members, we will be more than happy to attend to any of your concerns or inquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you!