Your membership with us is more than just boating, much more.

  1. The Economical Solution Affordable membership & costs just 10% from the cost of owning your boat. Learn More.
  2. You Are The Captain You will operate the boats on your own to enjoy the privacy with your loved ones.
  3. 365 Days, 24 Hours Unlimited Access You can access the boats in the morning, afternoon, night, and camp overnight.
    • Fleet Location:
      • Abu Dhabi:
        • Emirates Palace Marina
        • Yas Marina
      • Dubai:
        • Dubai Marina
        • Jumeria Harbour
  4. Guaranteed Availability on Weekends or 100% Cash Back The only boat club in the world that offers that.
  5. 100% Boating With Relief You are 100% Relieved from the Cost of the Boat, Maintenance, Parking, Insurance, Registration, Towing, Cleaning, & Mechanical Failures.
  6. Freezing Your Membership You can Freeze your account whenever you want up to 60 days per year, so if you are busy or traveling. Get the Most out of your membership!
  7. Membership Cancellation If you decided for any reason to cancel your membership, we do have a refund policy (T&C Apply).
  8. Night Cruises Nothing beats dinner in a boat across the City lights.
  9. Marina Stay In Enjoy your dinner and music with your loved ones on one of our Mini Yachts.
  10. Overnight Camping You can camp in any of the islands you desire, assistance can be provided.
  11. Referral Advantage By nature we talk about the things we do! Recommend us to your friends and Get up to 4 months extension on your membership for free.
  12. Just More Access to various equipment such as water sports, full BBQ set and much more

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