Frequently Asked Questions

All what you need to know about what we do.

Contact Us schedule a viewing, and our account managers will take it from there.
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Log in to our online booking system online or mobile application, and book.
Up to 5 Free in house captains will be provided along with your membership
You can always freeze your account up to 45 days if you are busy, travelling, or any other reason. We want you to maximize the usage of your membership.
Members are responsible for their fuel usage only.
All of our boats are fully insured, Processing Fee will be applicable, subject to the boat’s Insurance Policy.
All our boats have a navigation GPS system installed, and you will be trained on using them.
All our engines are in new condition, and they are regularly maintained. However if anything goes wrong, the emergency action will explained to you in the training module, and all member shall immediately contact the emergency number on the boat and directions will be provided.
Yes, The Captain’s Club is an Authorized and Licensed Club from Abu Dhabi & Dubai Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the Ministry of Tourism