1) How can I become a member?

Contact us on the address below and our agent will meet with you to provide briefing, viewing, and full explanation.

Email: info@
Mobile #: +971 52 641 3303
Office #: +971 2 6223 529

2) How can I assure the availability of the boats? How can I guarantee that I will always find a boat?

Although all boat clubs around the world operate on a first come first serve basis, but The Captain’s Club made it a contractual Obligation to provide all of our esteemed members a Guaranteed Weekend Availability.

It’s in our policy to always have much more boats than what is required to assure the availability.

Boat Clubs maybe new to the Middle East, but are not a new concept. It’s been proven, boat clubs have been able to accommodate 97%+ of all boat reservation requests.
& with the Guaranteed Availability concept it can be pushed to 100%.

In addition, you have at least 3 simultaneous bookings always, meaning you can always have 3 bookings in the future, ex you booked Friday the 7th, Friday the 14th, and Friday the 21st. once you are done with the first booking you can book the fourth and etc…

3) Is the Captain’s Club Licensed?

Yes, The Captain’s Club is an Authorized and Licensed Club from Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministry of Tourism

4) How do I book a boat?

  • Log in to your own account, choose any of our boats, set the date and time that suits you.
  • Contact us Via Email or call the Contact Number available

5) What if I don’t feel like driving today?

One of the services provided by the Captain’s Club is the availability of in-house captains who will be scheduled to drive the boats upon request.

6) What happens if I travel during my membership period? Can I Freeze my Account?

You can always freeze your account up to 45 days if you are busy, travelling, or any other reason. We want you to maximize the usage of your membership J

7) What if I want to make a same day booking?

It Simple, log in with username and password and book the boat you desire, or give us a call and we will take care of it.

8) Are there any hidden expenses?

Members are responsible for their Fuel Usage. “ we will fuel it of course, you just have to pay the amount”

9) If an accident happened to me, what are the consequences? ( May God Forbid)

All our boats are fully insured along with all passengers on the boat. In case if any accident took place, the member will be responsible for any extra fees not covered by the insurance, the processing fees required, or any other fees from the coast guards if they were not included in the insurance. Note: the boats insurance is very high and covers everything. Wish you a safe boating.

10) What if I got lost in the Sea?

All our boats have a navigation GPS system installed, and you will be trained on using them.

11) What if the boat suddenly stopped or I faced a mechanical Failure?

All our engines are in new condition, and they are regularly maintained. However if anything goes wrong, the emergency action will explained to you in the training module, and all member shall immediately contact the emergency number on the boat and directions will be provided.